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Check out the fantastic vendors joining us in 2015! FiberTrain Festival is a great way to support your local and US economy while getting in touch with artists, farmers, wool growers, and suppliers for sustainable farming in person!

Aizada Imports

Aizada Imports is a fair trade business working in Kyrgyzstan with women who make hand felted woolen crafts such as slippers, hats, bags, jewelry, dolls, rugs and home decor. Visit their website or their shop in Helena, Montana, open for over 12 years!




Alexandras Crafts

Alexandra's Crafts, nestled in the heart of the Oregon Willamette Valley, is a small independent yarn company taking pleasure in providing you with very unique customized hand dyed yarns. Always searching and adding new luxury yarns and fibers that you will enjoy.




Canyon County 4-H

Canyon County 4-H Website

4-H is the Nation’s largest youth development and empowerment organization, assisting youth in acquiring knowledge, life skills and attitudes that will enable them to become self-directing, productive members of society.

Canyon County 4-H members can choose from over 200 projects (including livestock, small animals, family & consumer sciences, art and science) as well as summer day camps and adventure camps.



Chixx With Stixx

Chixx With Stixx's hand-painted ceramic yarn bowls keep your yarn in place as well as being great decorative pieces for your home!





Clemes & Clemes, Inc.

Clemes & Clemes is a family owned and operated company serving the fiber arts community since 1971. They make spinning wheels, drops spindles, hand carders, drum carders, and many other spinning, carding, and weaving accessories. 



Feathergrass Fiber

Feathergrass Fiber is a local producer of fine fiber craft goods ranging from super fine merino to luster long wool sheep and alpaca!

The majority of the fiber comes from my own animals, including natural colored and hand dyed rovings and yarns. You will also find some finished products, a favorite being my colorful "sheep" dryer balls! Stop by and feel the yumminess!



Fireball Alpacas

Fireball Alpacas Website

Fireball Alpacas is located in the beautiful Snake River Wine Country in Caldwell. Idaho. We have 80 top-of- line alpacas on our farm that represents our selective breeding program for both show animal quality and fine fiber producing animals.

All of our fiber at harvest time is processed into the most luxurious yarn that we will soon be marketing at our farm store scheduled to open in the fall of 2015. We love farm visitors and offer hands-on alpaca experience for those interested in this wonderful industry. 


Greenwood Fiberworks

We are an independent dye company specializing in hand dyeing soft yarns and fibers in unique and brilliant colorways.




Handweavers Guild of Boise Valley

The Handweavers Guild of Boise Valley was formed in 1972. Since then it has been a place for weavers and spinners to meet and support each other in their pursuit of knowledge.

The purpose of the Handweavers Guild of Boise Valley is to foster the arts of handweaving and spinning. Membership dues are $25 per year. Benefits of membership include a monthly newsletters, the right to rent equipment and check books out from the guild library, opportunity to attend local workshops hosted by the guild, and various study groups to join. Monthly meetings are held between August and June each year.


Hartwell's LazyPJ Ranch

Operated by Jack and Pat Day Hartwell, Lazy PJ Ranch raises sheep on 20 acres on the lip of the Sunnyslope valley.  Our sheep breeds include Romneys, Wensleydales, and Morrit CVM's, all selected for premium spinning fleeces and most are coated to ensure clean fleeces.  Seven alpacas keep the sheep company.  In addition we run a retail shop selling most all fiber arts supplies and equipment.  We are dealers for Kromski, Ashford, Schact, Louet, and Glimakra and in addition maintain an inventory of books, knitting, felting and dyeing supplies.



Hazel Rose Looms

Makers of quality hardwood pin looms of all shapes and sizes! Our Multi looms are handcrafted in wonderfully creative sizes to Multiply your creative options.

Hazel Rose Multi looms are compatible with the traditional Weave-it style loom & the newer plastic loom. The Quilt Weaver looms are easy to use with thicker wool such as hand-spun and are fast to weave. Choose from many different sizes and woods, along with unique designs.



Jodie McDougall Studios

All of Jodie's buttons are made by using an oxygen propane torch and various colored glass rods. They are not painted. She use ancient cane building techniques to create images in glass called murrini.

Each image can take days to months to create. The shanks are imbedded into the glass while it is in a molten state to ensure that it becomes a permanent attachment to the piece. No glue is involved. Creating a timeless, quality, heirloom product. To see the most current work and purchase buttons, please visit the shop.


Judy's Novelty Wool

Judy's Novelty Wool offers dyed and undyed wool roving, knitting supplies, student spindles, hand cards, blending brushes, card cleaners, wool batts, handmade finished items, locker hooking needles and kits.





Knit Wits

Knit Wits has been family owned and operated since 1969! We carry a variety of yarns, from acrylic blends to beautifully hand-dyed natural fibers. We also carry needlepoint and cross stitch materials. We offer a variety of classes and KAL's. Join us for some fun!  




Psychedelic Sisters Creations

Psychedelic Sisters on Facebook

Psychedelic Sisters Creations is a co-op effort between three family farms. We strive to bring you handspun yarns, spinning fibers and unique wearable a made from American grown fleeces. Come experience the wide variety of fibers we offer and get euphoric -- legally!



Raven Ridge Fiber Arts

Raven Ridge Fiber Arts provides elegant hand painted yarns and hand-spinning fibers in colors inspired by Montana landscapes.  I am an experienced knitter and spinner, and my skills have made me very picky about the fibers and yarns I dye - only the very best will do! My passion for the natural world has informed my color and texture choices as a fiber artist.


Rai-diant Designs

Hoodies, coats, and arm warmers made from up-cycled sweaters. Hand crafted in Nampa.





Seraphina Fibers & Little Flowers Fibers

Seraphina Fibers on Facebook

We are small local family businesses raising the beautiful German Angora rabbit breed and Angora goats.  We have beautiful rabbits, fiber, and handspun yarn, as well as a variety of finished items all with a little of these heavenly fibers! 


Signature Fiber Art

Each Signature Fiber Art purse starts organically, with an original design, which is translated into hand knitted wool. The process continues with felting and blocking.  A distinctive lining is added, with inside pockets and a hand-signed tag. The definitive element of the design is the creative embellishment applied to the outside front using a variety of hand-craft techniques, including crewel embroidery, felted applied elements, and needle felting.


Simple Life Farm Alpacas

Simple Life Farm Alpacas sells all things alpaca including rugs, clothing,
blankets, roving, raw fleece, felted products, stuffed animals and much more! We are located in Mountain Home and welcome farm visits by the public. Just call before you come to make sure we are home!


Sissy's Scarves & Shawls

Hand-felted scarves, shawls, and more!


Spin Dance Acres

All things Navajo-Churro:  Selling churro wool, roving, yarns (both natural sheep colors and plant dyed), finished items and Navajo weaving looms and tools.




The Fantasy Farm

At the Fantasy Farm we are breeders of fine Icelandic sheep and producers of natural Icelandic wool, and wool products. We select our sheep for the amazing wool they produce, because for us, it is the wool that matters. Come visit our booth to learn more about Icelandic sheep,  and meet a few of these amazing sheep face to face.


Wool-N-Hooves LLC

We build wooden equipment for cleaning and processing washed fleeces, including foot-operated fiber tumblers, box pickers, and collapsible skirting tables.  We also offer a collapsible drying rack for dyed yarns or washed woolen goods, a warping frame, and an "artificial husband", a simple device for holding a skein of yarn while rolling a ball of yarn from it.  We can do custom design and manufacture to suit a customer's needs.  Our equipment is well-built and economical!


Adona's Concessions

Serving fresh squeezed lemonade, snow cones, and meals to spinners, knitters, weavers, farmers, and all who attend!

Krazy Dog

Serving up quality hot dogs, concessions, drinks for their 4th year at FiberTrain Wool Festival!


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