Peter's Fleece Shipping!

Sold out.

You're the lucky winner of Peter's Rainbow Fleece! Thank you again for your donation to FiberTrain Festival by the purchase of a raffle ticket, and for helping us the defer the cost of shipping. 

Feel free to show your friends and FiberTrain Festival what you've done with the fleece when you get around to it! You can email us pics of your project (s) to, or post that the fleece arrives safety and any other pics on the FiberTrain Festival Facebook Page!

You will get a one page instruction sheet from Peter's owner , the dye works artist, Keren Brown, explaining how to set the dye on the fleece before use.

Happy fiber arts from Peter the Teeswater/Wensly sheep, and FiberTrain Festival 2015!


We promise to only send you good things.